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Yellowknife is a city in Canada located in the Northwest Territories.  Nestled on the banks of the Great Slave Lake, Yellowknife is just 250 miles south of the Arctic Circle. The city is a hub of business and boasts a thriving economy. Yellowknife is the largest city in the Northwest Territories and has always been a prime location for trade and mining in the area. Serviced apartments in Yellowknife provide a great base for business travellers during their corporate stay in the city.

 Yellowknife has a fairly recent history and is considered to have been established in 1934 when gold was found in the surrounding area. The wealth in the area led to the rapid expansion of Yellowknife and by 1953 the city was made a municipality with a council and town hall. During the 1990s the city experienced another boom when diamonds were discovered north of the city centre, and although the last gold mine closed in 2004, the city still profits from diamond mining and continues to grow with increasing urban developments and community feel.

Serviced apartments in Yellowknife situate guests within easy reach of the diamond mining businesses as well as other services that Yellowknife has now emerged in to. The city’s main employers are the government who account for 7,644 jobs in the area. The city is also a trade route for the ice road in the area, and in 2007 featured on the series “Ice Road Truckers”. Tourism continues to increase in the city with Northern Lights tours and hospitality industries growing in Yellowknife.

Serviced apartments in Yellowknife also situate guests close to some of Yellowknife’s most beautiful attractions and sights. Business guests can enjoy stunning tours on dog sled to see the lights of the Aurora Borealis, The Prince of Wales Heritage Centre and the Gallery of the Midnight Sun. During the winter months the Snowking Winter Festival also takes place in the city.

Both Highway 4 (the Ingraham Trail) and Highway 3 (Yellowknife Highway) both run through the city and are usable in all-weather types, whereas roads in the city is often covered by the presence of permafrost and the replacement of the roads take place every 10 to 20 years. The nearest airport is the Yellowknife Airport located five kilometres west of the city.

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