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The corporate housing in Winnipeg, Canada we offer our clients has been hand selected for its suitability to the requirements of corporate travel. As specialists in the corporate serviced apartment industry, we work closely with the world’s leading property partners to acquire the very best properties for our clients all across the globe. With corporate housing in over 900 locations worldwide, we strive to ensure our clients have the most comfortable, convenient and successful business trips as possible – and we do this by providing an efficient, professional and friendly service which results in long-lasting relationships. Quite simply, we believe serviced apartments in Winnipeg offer superior housing than hotels – and we will work hard to ensure your trip is stress free and enjoyable. 

Why choose a SilverDoor Winnipeg apartment?

As experts specialising in providing corporate accommodation to some of the world’s largest companies, we have an extensive experience in sourcing the best properties to suit our clients. From providing an efficient rundown of property suggestions, to negotiating rates on behalf of the customer, we always go the extra mile to optimise your stay. Our dedication to service is evidenced by the hundreds of 5 star Trustpilot reviews we have to our name, as well as the many national and international clients who use our services time and time again. Just some of the benefits our service provides are:

·         Our selection of apartments is always growing. As well as ensuring we have corporate housing in Winnipeg and other major locations, we also continue to expand our property list weekly by sourcing the best options for our clients – even going as far as urgently sourcing serviced apartments in new locations should our clients require them at short notice.

·         We have won multiple national and international awards for our client service. We really do believe that our service is what sets us apart from our competitors – and clients have shared with us many times that our personable approach and tailored service is what continued to draw them to us, rather than opting for another agent or hotel booking. Our in-house experts are available in multiple time zones thanks to the spread of our international offices, meaning someone is always around to deal with your enquiry.

What is a serviced apartment?

A serviced apartment offers a perfect combination of hotel quality services and private, spacious rented accommodation. Simply put – our serviced apartments provide a home-from-home residence during your business trip which allows for a private, comfortable and convenient place from which to conduct your business trip on your own schedule. Our corporate housing in Winnipeg provides many benefits, including:

·         Incredible value. Our serviced apartments offer fantastic value, especially when compared with hotels offering similar features and space – which in itself is hard to find. As well as the nightly saving in cost, our apartments also benefit from a long-stay tax reduction beyond a certain threshold. This saving is passed onto the client, meaning longer-stay apartments are even better value for money. This is particularly useful for relocating colleagues requiring long-stay accommodation when waiting for a permanent residence in a new location.

·         Flexibility and privacy. In a hotel you often feel cramped, crowded and uncomfortable – particularly when working. A serviced apartment, on the other hand, offers a peaceful residence, away from bustling hotel corridors, foyers and elevators. Serviced apartment buildings are quiet, dedicated buildings with peace and comfort in mind. Having a fully fitted kitchen within your spacious home-from-home allows you the ultimate convenience of being able to cook should you want to, meaning you don’t need to worry about making reservations or being restricted to hotel timetables. Instead you have a spacious home with designated living areas where you can work, relax, rest, entertain or simply prepare for your business appointments in comfort.

·         Brilliant services. Many of our serviced apartments come with on-site amenities and services as standard, meaning you have the option to indulge in whichever services provide you with the convenience and lifestyle you prefer when travelling for business. These can include gymnasiums, parking, swimming pools, cinemas, conference rooms, housekeeping and more.

Are you and your colleagues ready to book a serviced apartment in Winnipeg? Simply call a dedicated account handler for personalised, friendly and efficient service and recommendations, or explore our currently listed properties on our website.

What do I need to know about staying in Winnipeg?

Named after the nearby lake (which in turn got its name from the Western Cree words for ‘muddy water’), Winnipeg is a city of approximately 778,000, making it the seventh most populated municipality in Canada.


Home to electric trolley cars from 1892, Winnipeg now offers a city run diesel bus service on the same routes. Its Union Station serves as a major rail hub in the area, making it the only major city between Vancouver and Thunder Bay with direct US rail connections. The city has its own International Airport (the Winnipeg Hames Armstrong Richardson) and major highway connections for reaching the city via automobile.


With relatively warm summers (reaching up to 80F), Winnipeg is not as severely cold as other Canadian cities. However, its winters tend to be freezing, with wind and snow in abundance. Temperature during the winter months can be as low as 021F.

What else is Winnipeg known for?


Winnipeg has a diverse economy, with high employment in trade, manufacturing, educational and healthcare sectors. The city employs over 400,000 people, with private sector companies such as Shaw Communications, Motor Coach Industries, Boeing Canada Technology and Canada Goose clothing being major employers in the area.  In 2012 the city was ranked as the least expensive area to do business in Western Canada, and has a relatively low cost of living, attracting many corporations and workers to the city. 


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