All you need to know about Ottawa

As the capital of Canada, it is imperative that as one of the industry’s leading providers, we have an extensive range of serviced apartments in Ottawa. Our apartments are all congregated in and around the city centre, which is key when providing corporate housing in Ottawa. A fascinating city, Ottawa is home to just short of a million people, as well as a thriving economy: which is why we have such a wide selection of fully furnished apartments in Ottawa. 

Why choose a SilverDoor Ottawa apartment?

SilverDoor has become a leading serviced apartment provider due to our personal approach to handling a client’s visit to another country. From handpicking the perfect apartment to making sure you are all settled in and satisfied with your apartment, we can happily say that our customer service is unparalleled within the serviced apartment industry.

Our Ottawa apartments are full of classy and stylish décor, from comfortable furniture to ornate pieces; you will immediately feel a homely sense when entering your apartment. It is not only our Ottawa apartments that are aesthetically pleasant. The city of Ottawa combines a mixture of lovely open green spaces next to the river, with high rise buildings, creating some gorgeous sights and views across the city.

SilverDoor’s serviced apartments in Ottawa come in a variety of locations. Whether you would rather be in the Downtown region or the more uptown region near the University of Ottawa, we have got you covered. Our corporate housing in Ottawa is also very near to the Parliament of Canada, which is set in a stunning location above the Ottawa River. Added to this, our fully furnished apartments in Ottawa are also within close proximity to the famous and beautiful Rideau Canal.

What is a serviced apartment?

Serviced apartments in Ottawa are an experience and not just a bed for the night whilst staying over in the wonderful city for business. One of the crucial aspects of our Ottawa apartments is that your privacy is our main concern. Without the scheduled timings that a hotel may keep you to, staying in a serviced apartment allows you to conduct your business in the way that you would like.

With the inclusion of a fully equipped kitchen, a serviced apartment allows for greater flexibility. This can be in terms of when you would like to eat or what you would like to cook. Furthermore, a hotel room does not offer these amenities for a casual night in, which leaves you for the more expensive and stressful option of having to eat out. After a long day of business, the preferred option may be to eat in.
Corporate housing in Ottawa can often be more affordable than renting a hotel room. Whether it’s a short or long stay, we make sure that we negotiate the best rates possible with our property partners. On top of this, the rate can often drop after a certain amount of nights, making a long term even cheaper.

What do I need to know about staying in Ottawa?


Ottawa’s International Airport is only a short drive away from the city centre of Ottawa. With a plethora of taxis, as well as buses running between the two, the city is incredibly accessible. Once in the city of Ottawa, there are several bus routes and inner city train services that provide great accessibility. If you are walking down the river front, there are also rent-a-bike services which cater for a more scenic journey around the city.


Typically of Canada in general, the temperature in Ottawa rarely rises above 25 degrees in the summer and in the winter will constantly stay below freezing. Ottawa in the winter is a truly wonderful spectacle, with parts of the river being frozen over underneath the marvellous parliament.


With similar cuisine to that of its southern neighbour, America, Canada has a very western based cuisine. Yet, Canada still has its own twist on some dishes, such as cod tongues and scrunchions, yellow pea soup, and Montreal-style bagels.


Canada is a country which speaks both English and French in different areas. Ottawa inhabitants predominantly speak Canadian English and it is estimated that fewer than 15% of Ottawa’s population speak French as their main language. However, it is thought that over a third of the population are bilingual with both languages. 

What else is Ottawa known for?


Ottawa has plenty of spectacular buildings. Whether you’re walking around Parliament Hill, exploring the Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa has a multitude of impressive architecture. The Notre-Dame was constructed back in 1841 and has certainly stood the test of time. Its beautiful interior and Gothic designs are something to behold and definitely worth a visit on business whilst staying in one of our serviced apartments in Ottawa.

Lumber trade history

When visiting Ottawa on business, it could be interesting to see the industry that helped make the city one of the biggest economic hubs in Canada. The lumber industry was based on the Ottawa River and you can walk down the river to see the paths that timber rafts would have taken in the 19th century. 

Ottawa parliament from across the river

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