All you need to know about Mississauga

Situated in the province of Ontario, Mississauga is one of the most populated cities in Canada. The cities of Ontario vary greatly between The North and South. The North is sparsely populated, relies heavily on natural resources and experiences a subarctic climate. Whereas, the South is densely populated, rich in multinational companies and has a humid continental climate. Mississauga was separated from Toronto and named a city in 1974; the close proximity to Toronto has allowed the city continuous growth in economy and population.

One of the largest shopping centres in Canada, Square One Shopping Centre, is located in central Mississauga. The centre holds over 350 shops and amenities and is even open on Christmas Day. Other famous attractions in the city include Mississauga Celebration square, opposite the Square One Shopping Centre, where around 60 events are held each year. Many of the headquarters for the largest companies in Canada are based in Mississauga as well as the Fortune 500 including Microsoft and Citibank Canada.

The busiest airport in Canada is located in Mississauga, Toronto Pearson International Airport which is approximately a 15 minute drive from Mississauga centre. The airport is one of the only in North America to have continuous scheduled direct flights to all six continents in the world. Although Mississauga is located along a number of train lines, the city does not have its own station, with the nearest being situated in Oakville and Brampton; both under a 15 minute drive away. The city predominantly operates a bus service as the main mode for transportation and offers convenient access to the Toronto subway system.
Birds eye view of the city of Mississauga

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