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Staying in a serviced apartment in Leuven is by far the most convenient way to conduct a business trip to the city. Providing an ideal, private base from which you can work, rest and organise your schedule, our Leuven serviced apartments have been selected for their suitability for business travellers. As the world’s most trusted serviced apartment agent, SilverDoor Apartments has the expertise and portfolio to find you the ideal apartment for your requirements.  

Why choose a SilverDoor Leuven apartment?

Besides our global portfolio, alliance with the world’s leading property providers and exemplary staff, the simple reason why SilverDoor should be your accommodation provider is because of the incredible feedback we receive from our clients. We have a 4.9/5 Trustpilot review testifying to the excellent service we provide – and this is something we are actively enhancing daily – reviewing how we can optimise our processes to benefit the client even more. Booking with us is a personalised process – all of our staff are thoroughly trained in-house and offer courteous, professional advice every step of the way. Utitlising the amazing spread of apartments we have thanks to the excellent relationships we have with leading property partners, our team can offer multiple choices to match your needs, often responding within an hour. We even go the extra mile to secure lower rates, make special arrangements where needed, and even secure new properties in areas not currently on our books if you require it.

Begin your journey to Leuven and book one of our long-stay, or short-stay apartments in Leuven today. Call us directly to receive instant advice, friendly service and excellent rates

What is a serviced apartment?

Unlike a restrictive hotel suite, a serviced apartment offers a contemporary and convenient solution for business travellers. Taking elements of hotel services and combining them a private rental, our serviced apartments in Leuven are an ideal home-from-home for corporate travellers. The range of benefits is undeniable, and as a result more and more businesses, including some of the world’s largest corporations, only use serviced apartments when conducting business across the world. Just some of these benefits include:


·         Excellent value. With serviced apartments costing considerably less than hotel suite equivalents, you certainly get more for your money with one of our apartments. Besides the space and luxury it affords the guest, greater value is added on longer-stay bookings. This is due to a tax reduction which is passed onto the client. This makes serviced apartments even more beneficial for housing relocating employees whilst they await permanent accommodation.

·         Luxury services. What our apartments do retain from the hotel model is the convenience of on-site services. From housekeeping to parking, there are a variety of services (often included) that the guest can enjoy. These can include fitness centres, business rooms, private cinemas, a reception service and many more features, dependent on your venue.

·         Unrivalled privacy. Perhaps the greatest element of a serviced apartment is the privacy it provides. No busy hotel corridors. No meal time schedule. No cramped rooms. Apartments provide ample space to truly live comfortably. With designated areas in which to work, rest, entertain and cook, you are free to live as you like, when you like.  We believe these features result in more prosperous business trips, as ensuring your stay is optimised, also ensures that you are.

What do I need to know about staying in Leuven?

Located 16 miles east of Brussels, Leuven is the eighth largest city in Belgium and has more than 100,244 inhabitants. It is also home to KU Leuven, Belguim’s largest university, which has its main campus within the city itself.


As is typical in the Northern Europe region Leuven summers are comfortably warm and partly cloudy, reaching temperature of 85F. The winters are very cold and windy, dropping to 22F at times. The best time for outdoor activities is between June and September.


Leuven, being a small city, favours cyclists and therefore a maximum limit of 30km/h applies on the roads to make it pedestrian and bicycle friendly. There are also multiple bus options available, provided from the public transport company De Lijn. Buses tend to run every ten minutes within the city.

The nearby European route E314 connects Leuven with the city of Aachen, making transport between cities in the area easy via car.

What else is Leuven known for?

Thanks to KU Leuven, much of the city’s economy is centred on sciences and research. Furthermore, the Leuven-based research centre, IMEC, is a world class research centre in the field of nano-electronic. Consequently, there are many companies in the vicinity focusing in advanced scientific and technological fields.

Most notably, Leuven is the worldwide headquarters of Anheuser-Busch InBev, the largest beer company in the. InBev's Stella Artois brewery and main offices dominate the entire north-eastern part of the town, and is a large employer in the region.


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