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For a corporate stay in the idyllic and picturesque Belgian city of Charleroi, serviced apartments are ideal. Set in prime locations and furnished with the amenities necessary to make oneself entirely at home while travelling on business, our corporate serviced apartments in Charleroi have been selected especially to suit business travellers. SilverDoor Apartments has the expertise, portfolio of properties and outstanding service to find a furnished apartment in Charleroi to suit you – simply contact us today and put your accommodation plans in safe hands. 

Why choose a SilverDoor Charleroi apartment? 

Amidst a sea of websites offering value accommodation, only SilverDoor Apartments provides exclusively selected corporate accommodation from the world’s largest portfolio. We have 20 years’ experience working with some of the globe’s largest corporations, sourcing quality accommodation and receiving outstanding reviews along the way. Our current 4.9/5 Trustpilot rating was only achieved by offering an exemplary service backed by in-house, thoroughly trained and knowledgeable staff. No matter your requirements, destination or length of stay, we can provide exactly what you need.  

Having formed hundreds of strong relationships with the best property partners across the world, we are able to source accommodation suitable to you with ease. Even when a location isn’t on our books, our teams work hard to quickly find suitable properties at short notice. Ensuring excellence throughout, we even send members of our team to new locations to source properties in person and check that apartments reach our, and our customers’, high standards. 
We believe that what truly sets us apart from anyone else is our people. In addition to our revolutionary technology, allowing you to book, track and manage your reservations easily online, we have the best people in the business, just a phone call away and eager to help. Friendly, thoughtful and always putting your interest first, it is no wonder that we are the world’s most trusted serviced apartment agent. 
Our expertise is unrivalled. Beyond our years’ of experience, talented in-house team and in-depth training programmes, we also provide a wealth of information about apartments and their surroundings. From blogs and city guides on our site, to the personally sourced information from our property partners to better equip our clients for their stay, there is no end to the expertise we provide. As many of our team members also stay in the properties we offer, we can even supply first-hand information to benefit you when booking or staying in an apartment. 
Book your stay in a Charleroi serviced apartment today – simply browse our site to begin an enquiry or call us directly and receive prompt, friendly and professional advice.  

What is a serviced apartment? 

Simply put, a serviced apartment is an optimised form of accommodation, blending the very best aspects of a hotel suite with a private homely apartment. This combination, offering both the luxury and convenience of hotel services such as housekeeping, and the privacy and flexibility of a home, such as a kitchen and plentiful space, makes our serviced apartments in Charleroi ideal for business travellers. All in all, serviced apartments make corporate travelling, and corporate living, much easier for our clients. Below are some of the benefits they provide:  

Serviced apartments are, on average, much more affordable than equivalent hotel suites. The cost savings and colleague satisfaction serviced apartments deliver speaks for itself, but the value doesn’t stop there. Long-stay bookings at our serviced apartments (beyond a certain threshold) qualify for a tax reduction which is passed onto the clients. Therefore, serviced apartments are excellent for relocating travellers who require long term temporary accommodation whilst awaiting a permanent residence. 
In terms of convenience, serviced apartments in Charleroi top the list. In addition to the spacious living space to call your own, many of our apartments benefit from on-site amenities (with housekeeping as standard) which only make your stay more enjoyable and convenient. These can include features such as free parking, a 24 hour concierge and reception service, fitness centres, restaurants, business rooms and more. With the majority of these bonus services included in the price of your stay, you will settle in and feel at home immediately.  
And that really is the key – our apartments are your home from home. Everything about them has been assembled to make corporate travellers feel at ease in their surroundings. From the décor to the design, everything you need is close to hand and your living space provides ample room to live almost as you would at home. With a furnished kitchen, separate living area and sleeping area, you can cook, work, entertain and rest in peace, even when travelling with colleagues. 

What do I need to know about staying in Charleroi? 

Located in Western Belgium, Charleroi is a historical city with a current population of over 200,000. Just 31 miles from Brussels, the city is popular with tourists and travellers and has a rich culture. 


The city is serviced by The Brussels South Charleroi Airport in Gosselies, approximately 7km away, making reaching the city by air an easy affair. Within the city itself, two train stations connect to wider Belgian by rail, and internal bus services and monorail systems reach across the city, operated by TEC.


In Charleroi, the summers are comfortably warm though cloudy, reaching temperatures of 86F. Contrastingly, the winters are very long and cold, with temperatures plummeting to 21F with accompanying windy spells.  

What else is Charleroi known for?


Having passed between ownership of Spanish and Dutch forces, Charleroi was eventually liberated during The Belgian Revolution of 1830, ushering in a new era of prosperity. As the city’s trade grew in demand during the Industrial Revolution, people from across Europe settled in Charleroi to benefit from the growing economy. Today, after various crises including the city’s decline in the Second World War, the city has some prominence, being the fourth largest in Belgium. 


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