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To ensure your business trip to Belgium is as smooth and successful as possible, book your stay at a SilverDoor serviced apartment in Aalst. Offering a host of properties perfectly suited to the business traveller, SilverDoor Apartments source the very best corporate accommodation in Aalst, as well as hundreds of cities across the world. We are the leading providers in corporate serviced apartments and have an excellent understanding of our clients’ needs. As such, there is no better choice for booking your business stay accommodation than SilverDoor Apartments.  

Why choose a SilverDoor Aalst apartment?

As an accommodation provider with hundreds of top rated Trust Pilot reviews to our name, it is no wonder that time and time again businesses book with SilverDoor Apartments. With industry knowledge and expertise at our disposal, sourcing corporate serviced apartments in Aalst to suit your specifications is well within our skillset. Our team of experts is ready to take your call and guide you through the booking process, with a professional and friendly service that is second to none - just one of many benefits we offer, which include:

·         An extensive portfolio. As we hold many excellent relationships with the world’s leading property partners, we are able to source only the best serviced accommodation in virtually any location. Even if we don’t currently have a location on our books, if there are suitable properties available, we can make enquiries on your behalf to find the accommodation you require.

·         Years of expertise. Our team members are fully versed in the world of corporate accommodation, and as such can talk you through the process of booking whilst making tailored recommendations. Furthermore, we stay in the apartments we promote, meaning we can offer even more detailed information about available properties and their suitability to you.

As soon as your business trip to Aalst is confirmed, call our offices to receive personalised, friendly and professional advice and to complete an expedient booking process. You can also browse our complete collection of Aalst aparthotels on our website before you enquire.

What is a serviced apartment?

Repeatedly, we find that our customers are dissatisfied with the limitations of hotel rooms when conducting business on the move. A lack of flexibility, rigid schedules and limited space are all factors which make hotels less than ideal for business travellers. Conversely, our corporate serviced apartments are perfect for business travel. There are many reasons why serviced accommodation is superior to hotels – particularly in the corporate arena – but a few of the main advantages are:

·         Value for money. On a like for like basis, our serviced apartments are far more affordable than hotel suites. In addition to this excellent value, the nightly rate of apartments decreases beyond a certain booking threshold – meaning our corporate accommodation is even better value when booking for long stays – particularly relocating colleagues in a need of a temporary residence while awaiting permanent accommodation.

·         Private and flexible. In addition to the privacy afforded by a private serviced apartment (away from the busy and often impersonal locale of a hotel room), you will also benefit from the flexibility a spacious and fully fitted living space provides. Decide when and where you eat (the option to cook your own meals not only saves money but can save time and be a more relaxed atmosphere) and use your private space how you like – for work, meetings or simply to relax in comfort.

·         Luxury services. Our apartments often come with included hotel-like services, from housekeeping to onsite amenities, including: gymnasiums, spas, restaurants, parking, conference rooms and more. Your accommodation truly can be a home from home with all the luxuries you require to live comfortably.

What do I need to know about staying in Aalst?

Located just 19 miles from the Belgian capital of Brussels, Aalst is excellently placed for travel to the major destinations not only in Belgium, but in the wider Euro-zone. To make the most of your stay, we have assembled some key information about this beautiful city.

Annual events

Renowned for its carnivals, Aalst hosts many festivities each year before Lent. These involve many staple activities including: the ‘throwing of the onions’ from the town hall belfry, the election of a ‘Prince Carnival’ and a large parade across the city on a Sunday – which features costumed volunteers and many parade cars.


Situated in Northern Europe, Aalst has a relatively typical weather system for the region. Comfortably warm summers with year round cloud are standard features of the city’s climate, whereas winters are usually very cold and windy. The time for best weather is estimated to be between late June and early September.

What else is Aalst known for?

Consumables and venues

Like much of Belgium, Aalst is known for its speciality beers and chocolates. The city is home to many bars and taverns, with some notable establishments being The Music Club, Bar Cozi and The Milano. Aalst also has many fantastic French restaurants, including Kelderman and Culeau, which make excellent venues for business meetings or informal discussions.


A remnant of the French occupation, Aalst has a considerable textile industry which continues to produce clothing and footwear as well as the machines needed in these fields. In rural areas hops are produced which feeds to breweries in the city and throughout Belgium. The cut flowers business is also still a prominent industry in the city. 

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