All you need to know about Wangaratta

A bustling rural city on the edge of Victoria’s high country, Wangaratta is a considerable country service centre. With a diverse outdoor lifestyle which pays homage to its roots whilst simultaneously incorporating modern, sophisticated city life, there is a lot to explore when visiting. The destination has been ranked as one of the best country change locations, and our serviced apartments in Wangaratta are the perfect fit for those looking to relocate to the beautiful Australian town and therefore in need of a long term stay. Short stay apartments are also available for those on a quick business trip outside of Victoria; enquire today to discover our vast portfolio of corporate housing available.

Transport in Wangaratta

There are two train operators that travel through Wangaratta, giving you easy access to the popular Australian cities of Melbourne and Sydney. To reach these destinations quicker, Albury Airport in seventy two kilometres away and takes you direct to both cities. From there, you can travel internationally and to other places within Australia from Melbourne Airport. For transportation around Wangaratta, a bus service operates to many locations including, but not limited to, Springhurst and Myrtleford. For those who prefer a more direct and private journey, Taxis of Wangaratta are available to take you where you need to go.

Shopping in Wangaratta

A favourite for many visiting the area is Wangaratta Farmers Market. It is held in the grounds of the historic Holy Trinity Cathedral, and as such is a beautiful setting to pick up some fresh, local produce to then prepare back in your Wangaratta serviced apartment. If you’re looking for a gift or memento to take home from your trip, the main shopping streets are Murphy, Reid, Ovens and Ford Streets; lined with hidden gems and local, speciality shops, you will find a mix of goods to surprise your special someone with.

What to do in Wangaratta

After a long day of working from your serviced apartment in Wangaratta, a relaxing stroll to stretch your legs will definitely be on your mind. The Murray to Mountains Rail Trail is the perfect spot for this, offering a scenic walking and cycle track from Wangaratta to Bright. Another must-visit outdoor spot is Warby-Ovens National Park, which offers spectacular views along the ridge. Here, you will find a variety of birdlife and wildflowers, making it the perfect location for a true Australian barbeque. To delve into the local art and history of Wangaratta whilst away, a trip to the Wangaratta Art Gallery is a must on your day off. The gallery showcases collections of textile artwork and small sculptures, whilst also allowing you to sample some of the local artistry by including touring collections throughout the year.

Facts about Wangaratta

The name ‘Wangaratta’ originated from the Pangerang word for the long neck of the cormorant; ‘Wanga’, meaning long neck, and ‘Ratta’ meaning cormorant. On the two rivers situated within the area, Ovens River and King River, you will find these namesake birds. Nowadays, Wangaratta is famous for the Wangaratta Festival of Jazz, which has attracted renowned international artists; since its creation in 1990, it has attracted thousands of attendees each year and is a favourite for music lovers. Taking place in October, if you are a fan of jazz and blues music in a relaxing, scenic setting, we recommend booking a serviced apartment in Wangaratta around this time.

Why choose a serviced apartment in Wangaratta with SilverDoor?

There is no better option than a serviced apartment in Wangaratta with SilverDoor, the most trusted provider in the business travel industry. We have been in the sector now for twenty years, and during this time we have collated experience and expert knowledge to provide you with the best possible service; we feel our five star overall Trustpilot rating is a true reflection of the service which we deliver. Additionally, our large portfolio of serviced apartments in Wangaratta means guests are satisfied with the options they are provided with, contributing to an overall excellent experience.

What is a serviced apartment?

A serviced apartment in Wangaratta has been furnished with the business traveller in mind. One of the main benefits a serviced apartment includes is a fully equipped kitchen to provide ease, whilst simultaneously cutting down on eating out costs. Additional amenities include ample of space with separate rooms for each function of living, and the privacy which is not always provided with a hotel stay. Our team are available to listen to your requirements and then find the best fitting corporate housing to meet these. From personalised housekeeping times, specific check out arrangements and on-site leisure facilities, our strong relationships with our partners means we can work to find your perfect furnished apartment. 

To find the perfect serviced apartment in Wangaratta that meets your needs, contact us today to discover our large portfolio.

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