All you need to know about Toowoomba

Toowoomba is a city in Queensland, Australia, part of the Darling Downs region. It’s located 78 miles from Brisbane, and has an estimated population of more than 13,000, making it Australia’s 16th largest city. In fact, Toowoomba is Australia’s second most densely populated inland city after Canberra. The city has a humid subtropical climate, characterised by cool winters and warm summers. The predominant language spoken in Toomwoomba is English, followed by Arabic and Mandarin.

Toowoomba’s original settlers were aboriginals who occupied much of the area before later being moved further afield to missions such as Durundur, Deebing Creek and Barambah. Toowoomba’s colonial history can be traced back to the 19th century.

In 1816, English botanist, Allan Cunningham arrived in Australia, kick starting a period of exploration that would later reach the city.Businessman, William Horton is cited as the founder of Toowoomba, despite not being the first person to settle there.

By 1858, Toowoomba’s population had grown to 700. The city had various hotels and stores at this point, and was boosted further by the introduction of a new municipality.

Today, Toowoomba is a colourful university and cathedral city, home to stately properties and beautiful tree-lined streets. Hip cafes and bars can be found all over the city, the same goes for parks and cultural institutions.

Popular attractions include Queen’s Park, the Cobb & Co Museum, St. Luke’s Anglican Church and the Milne Bay Military Museum. For a walk with an incredible view, head up Table Top Mountain, and, for a taste of local art, visit the First Coat Outdoor Gallery. The city has its fair share of shopping centres. Two of the best are the Grand Central Shopping Centre and the Clifford Gardens Shopping Centre. The city is also known for its sport, and, each year hosts various biking and motocross championship events.

Toowoomba is served by the bus company, Bus Queensland Toowoomba, which operates a regular service throughout the city. The city is also covered by Translink transport service, as well as various coaches. Toowoomba train station provides a twice-weekly service between Brisbane and Charleville. The closest airport to Toowoomba is Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport, located 10 miles from the city centre.

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