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When planning a business trip to Bendigo, serviced apartments offer the best form of corporate accommodation to suit you and your colleagues. Providing the space, convenience and comfort you require when conducting business in Bendigo, our range of apartments have been specially selected with the corporate traveller in mind. SilverDoor Apartments offers the very best corporate housing in Bendigo and removes the stress from booking your accommodation for your business trip, meaning you can focus on the important details of your schedule, while we arrange the accommodation.

Why choose a SilverDoor Bendigo apartment?

There are many accommodation options on the market, but for corporate travellers who want to ensure their trip goes as smoothly as possible, SilverDoor Apartments is the natural choice. We have years of experience in the corporate accommodation market, meaning we have the insight and knowhow to source the perfect properties for our clients. Other providers simply can’t match our standards of excellence, or the level of service we provide. It is no wonder we have hundreds of glowing Trustpilot reviews to our name, many of which come from clients who use our services time and time again. Just some of the main benefits we offer are:

·         An expansive portfolio. Over the years we have grown in reputation to hold strong relationships with some of the leading property partners in the business. As a result, the number of cities we feature excellent serviced apartments in now exceeds 800, with more locations being added all the time. Due to our reputation, and the helpfulness of our team members, we are even able to source properties for clients with urgent location requests. We contact the necessary property partners to find the ideal corporate accommodation for you – again, taking the stress away from you and your colleagues.

·         Dedicated staff. Each of our clients receives personalised service from an account handler, who will be on hand through every step of the booking procedure. From initial enquiry, right through to the stay itself, our team members will be available for fast communication, professional advice and flawless recommendations. We go out of way to make special arrangements for clients, and with our excellent contacts in the industry we can almost always make this happen. We will even negotiate the best rates on your behalf.

·         Unrivalled expertise. Unlike most providers, we make sure we know as much about our properties as possible, and only list the very best serviced apartments which meet our high standards and the expectations of our clients. We send our trusted property experts to locations throughout the world to view properties in person and make in-depth notes about the apartments and locations – this means we can go beyond the typical property details and provide first-hand recommendations which means we are better able to advise you of the ideal properties suited to your needs.

Begin your journey and book your ideal corporate housing in Bendigo with Silverdoor Apartments today. Call us directly to speak to a dedicated member of our team who will take your exact requirements and provide an efficient and friendly service, no matter your needs. Alternatively you can see our currently available properties by exploring our website.

What is a serviced apartment?

Providing the convenient services of a quality hotel and the private living space of a private rented property, serviced apartments offer the best of both worlds for business travellers. The space and flexibility a serviced apartment provides simply makes life easier while conducting business away from home. Luxurious and high quality accommodation can make the difference between a moderate success and a major one in the world of business travel. Below are some of the key advantages our apartments offer:

·         Excellent value: Compared with hotel suites offering similar amenities and fittings, our serviced apartments offer much better value for money. This saving is enhanced for business travellers choosing a long-stay apartment, as beyond a certain threshold a nightly tax reduction is passed onto the client, meaning additional savings can be made. This makes our apartments particularly useful and cost effective for colleagues relocating and in need of temporary long-term accommodation while awaiting a permanent residence.

·         Convenient services. Like a hotel, many of our apartments feature on-site services included in the cost of your stay. These range from standard housekeeping, to fitness centres, swimming pools and conference rooms. In addition, there are often on-site restaurants, bars, cinema rooms and parking areas. All these features can be tailored to you, and are designed to make your stay optimised for convenience.

·         A home from home experience. The provision of a fully fitted kitchen, separate living areas and beautifully decorated spaces all adds to a sense of homeliness, privacy and flexibility. Having the option to stay in and cook is sometimes a comforting notion, particularly after a long journey or a busy day of business appointments. Similarly, knowing you have a peaceful and private space in which to relax, work or even entertain is a real luxury when compared with the experiences most types of accommodation can offer.

What do I need to know about staying in Bendigo?

Situated in Victoria, Australia, approximately 93 miles North West of the larger city of Melbourne, Bendigo has a population of around 95,000. This makes it the fourth-largest inland city in Australia, and although a relatively new city (thanks to the discovery of gold in its soils in the 1850s) Bendigo has a rich culture and economy which attracts many business travellers from across the world.


Bendigo is served by its own small airport, with flights running between Sydney and the city several times a week. Alternatively, entry to the city can be made via the Calder Freeway which links to Melbourne. The city is also connected via rail, with the Bendigo line running south to Melbourne and north to multiple other lines. The CBD of the city is where the majority of the bus services run from, whereas a few trams still run, but mainly catering to tourists and not to the general population for convenient public transportation.


Though typically warm as you would expect from an Australian city, Bendigo is cooler than its coastal counterparts, with the average high temperature being in February at just 19 degrees. Lows in July are usually around 9 degrees.

What else is Bendigo known for?


Bendigo got its name after the area was transformed into sheep grazing lands by white settlers, and a local river was named after the English bare-knuckle fighter William Abednego “Bendigo” Thompson. When gold was discovered in 1851, the area exploded in population, with 40,000 flocking to the area in less than a year. First a tent city, Bendigo grew into an urban centre throughout the 1850s and 1860s as demand for services and housing grew. By 1862 was connected via rail, which allowed for the dramatic growth which followed. 


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