Westminster Abbey

Found within London’s most high-profile central location, the City of Westminster, this iconic landmark is situated well within walking distance of a few of the city’s most popular tourist attractions and some of the country’s most famed political institutions. Founded over 1000 years ago in 960, Westminster Abbey is a historic landmark that has stood in a number of different forms for far longer than its neighbours Big Ben and Houses of Parliament. The abbey has witnessed a colossal amount of change over the years, and while London is home to an ever-growing number of stunning sights, Westminster Abbey has never failed to attract hordes of tourists.

Facts About Westminster Abbey...
  • Westminster Abbey is approximated to welcome over one million visitors annually.
  • Despite its lengthy history, only 17 royal weddings have taken place at Westminster Abbey.
  • While Westminster Abbey is undoubtedly the United Kingdom’s most notable religious institution, it still hosts regular services with as many as five services sometimes held on Sundays.
  • Some of the country’s most renowned literary icons are buried beneath the abbey or have plaques commemorating their service to British culture. Geoffrey Chaucer was the first poet to be buried there and William Shakespeare, Lord Byron and Thomas Hardy all have monuments within the abbey.
  • Westminster Abbey’s official name is the Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster.
  • The abbey was founded by Benedictine monks.
Westminster Abbey

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