Work, Rest, Cook – Serviced Apartments let you do it all

Work, Rest, Cook – Serviced Apartments let you do it all

Work, Rest, Cook – Serviced Apartments let you do it all
23rd April 2020

For many years business travel was seen as a strenuous, often wearisome pursuit. Long stays in lifeless hotel rooms have left even the keenest corporate travellers climbing the walls in frustration. Combine this with a profound detachment from the city, a reliance on overpriced services and a disengagement from everyday routines and it’s easy to see why many have considered business travel a stressful endeavour. Since the turn of the century, SilverDoor has been galvanised by the idea of providing comfort, control and peace of mind to those working away from home via our range of serviced apartments. We believe that your wellbeing is paramount, not only for your mental health but also for your productivity.

So just what is so special about a SilverDoor serviced apartment? Here’s just a few reasons why our furnished apartments are the superior choice:

Space to breathe

A serviced apartment is as spacious as it is sophisticated. On average they are 30% larger than a hotel room. Whether you’re entertaining guests, working on your presentation or just relaxing after a long day, a serviced apartment provides a comfortable, flexible living space. We believe a healthy work/life balance is essential, so our serviced apartments give you distinct areas in which to work, unwind and sleep.

Serviced Apartment
A serviced apartment provides relaxation, comfort and peace

Studies have shown that it’s important to separate where you sleep from where you work. Not only does this affect the quality of both, separating the two provides much needed routine, and with routine comes comfort. With a SilverDoor serviced apartment you can work from your desk, relax on the sofa and retire to the bedroom when you’re finished for the day.

Freedom and choice

With a serviced apartment you benefit from operating on your own schedule. This means tailoring your housekeeping visits around your plans, inviting business acquaintances for meetings or cooking at self-appointed meal times in a fully-fitted kitchen. News aficionados can read the latest headlines over coffee at the dinner table, cinephiles can set up on the sofa with a film on their HD TV and the socialites can come and go as they please. With over 200,000 managed apartments worldwide, here at SilverDoor we have curated our portfolio of serviced apartments to fit every conceivable lifestyle.  

Serviced Apartment, Business Accomodation
Enjoy the flexibility of your own space and the freedom to spend your time as you wish


Whether you’re travelling alone, with family or with a partner, a serviced apartment is your home away from home. This applies to your privacy, too. With a serviced apartment you can choose to be completely self-sufficient. This means swapping laundry halls for your own washing machine, restaurants for home cooking and working from your desk instead of finding another café. Business travel can sometimes seem like a succession of superficial encounters. A serviced apartment affords you the luxury of comfort, tranquillity and peace.

Serviced Apartment, Corporate accommodation
A serviced apartment is perfect for those who travel with family

For those travelling with children, a furnished apartment is a space where you can spend time with family without feeling trapped in a small room. Kids can play in safety while you work, partners can relax without listening to business calls and families can sit around the dining table as they would at home. For those relocating with family, a serviced apartment provides a living space where you need not disrupt your routines. Our top tips for relocating with children can help smooth this process even further.


Perhaps it is at this point that one might expect the ‘catch’. Not so. In fact, staying in a SilverDoor apartment can save you money across the board. For stays longer than 28 days, VAT drops from 20% to just 4%. That means you’re making significant savings over booking into a hotel.

serviced apartments
Serviced apartments offer impressive savings for long stays

Additionally, serviced apartments involve fewer add-on charges. We liaise with our property partners to ensure our clients are in-the-know, so you aren’t stung with hidden charges, cancellation fees or resort fees. There’s no need to pay exorbitant room service rates when you have your own kitchen, and we’ll even point you in the direction of the nearest supermarkets.

Want to know more about SilverDoor or our wide selection of furnished apartments? Why not visit our handy Enquiries page for all of our contact information. If you prefer, just leave your phone number and we’ll give you a call at a time that suits you.   

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