A Guide to Corporate Housing

A Guide to Corporate Housing

A Guide to Corporate Housing
30th October 2018

Business travellers have many options available to them when booking long-term accommodation. Hotels are the common go-to accommodation choice for many business travellers, but there is a suitable alternative – corporate housing.

The corporate housing industry is fuelled by business travel and, therefore, always has the needs of business travellers in mind. Corporate housing, or temporary housing, caters to the lifestyle of guests who place great emphasis on efficiency and flexibility.

Temporary housing includes a number of trademark characteristics that have enabled a surge in popularity within the business travel industry. These hallmark features include privacy, flexibility, affordability, space and reliability. We bring you… A Guide to Corporate Housing!

What is Corporate Housing?

In short, temporary housing is a flat in a block of apartments or a standalone property. Because it’s purely tailored to the needs of the long-stay traveller, temporary housing comes in all shapes and sizes. Properties can range from being studios to having multiple bedrooms.

Standard corporate housing includes kitchen facilities and contemporary furnishings. Many properties also feature leisure and fitness facilities.

Broadly speaking, corporate housing is found where business travel occurs. This includes some of the world’s biggest business hubs and also some remoter areas that might surprise you. Long-stay temporary housing is necessitated by business itself. Wherever there are business opportunities, you can expect to find temporary housing.

When Did Corporate Housing First Come About? 

The idea of corporate apartments was conceived in the US back in the late 1960s. For the first time, business travellers were provided with an alternative to the typical hotel room.

While hotels continued to maintain a certain monopoly on the business travel industry for years to come, temporary housing has established itself as a more practical alternative for business travellers. Now, temporary housing can be found all over the world and the industry is only expanding.

What Are the Benefits of Corporate Housing?

The primary benefit of temporary housing is affordability. With kitchen facilities included, travellers can prepare their own meals and cut back on the cost of eating out. Temporary housing also guarantees free laundry facilities, as it’s crucial for long-stay guests.

Another hallmark of temporary housing is space. A typical hotel room isn’t designed for long-stay guests. With corporate housing, business travellers are provided with somewhere to live as opposed to somewhere to stay for a short time.

The modern business traveller ranks flexibility very highly. With private kitchen facilities included, temporary housing provides business travellers with peace of mind. So, whether guests start at the crack of dawn or get home late, they’ll always have time for a bite.

Our Portfolio

Here, at SilverDoor Apartments, we are the world’s most trusted provider of corporate accommodation. Our properties can be found in some of North America’s biggest business hubs such as New York City, Chicago and Philadelphia. For more details, click here.

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