How Serviced Apartments Can Save You Thousands

How Serviced Apartments Can Save You Thousands

How Serviced Apartments Can Save You Thousands
14th April 2016

If you’re new to serviced apartments, you may think that having more space and kitchen facilities means you have to pay over the odds in comparison to an equivalent hotel room. Well, we’re happy to inform you that serviced apartments not only cost around the same rate per night as a hotel room, they actually provide huge savings on long term stays.

CEO Staying in the City for a Week

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Take a typical CEO who’s staying in the City of London for a week while on business. We concede if they were staying for just a night or two a hotel could be more suitable but, for a week, they’re likely to tire of seeing the same four walls at the end of every day. In contrast, a one bedroom serviced apartment is roughly twice the size of the average hotel room and has separate spaces for relaxing, cooking and sleeping. Even if the CEO prefers to eat our every night, they’ll appreciate coming back to their apartment after a long day and slumping on the sofa rather than propping themselves up in bed. Oh, and a £114 saving isn’t to be sniffed at either.

A Couple Relocating to Central London

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We regularly source serviced apartments for people relocating to a new city. In general, most companies cover the cost of a month in temporary accommodation before assignees either have to request further assistance or pay for further accommodation themselves. Therefore, it’s important they’re staying in an environment that feels as homely as possible to offer the best opportunity to experience a new location while searching for permanent accommodation. The average nightly rate for a serviced apartment in Central London drops to just £125 for stays of 29 nights or more. So, companies are able to provide the perfect platform for their relocating employees and also save just over £1,000 on a month long stay, win-win.

Four Graduates in Edinburgh for Six Months

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Now it may seem unlikely to put four graduates in hotel rooms for 6 months, but it happens. Some companies may opt for hotel suites rather than just rooms but if we compared those prices there'd be an even greater difference. Two bedroom serviced apartments are ideal for employees who’re able to share the same living space and kitchen facilities. Many apartments also have two bathrooms which gives guests greater privacy and ensures there’s no battle for the shower in the morning. By our estimate, the saving made on placing four graduates in two 2 bedroom apartments in Edinburgh, as opposed to separate hotel rooms, is £57,512.

From these three simple examples, you can see there’s a range of options and configurations available when it comes to serviced apartments. They’re not an exclusive accommodation type for C-suite employees. Options are available to suit any budget and our experts really do know the market inside out. Whatever your requirement is, wherever in the world it is, we’d be interested to hear how we can help save you money while also ensuring your employees stay in the best possible accommodation when away on business.

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