A Business Travel Guide to Budapest

A Business Travel Guide to Budapest

A Business Travel Guide to Budapest
10th May 2024

Staying in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is Hungary's treasure trove capital, located in the northern central part of the country on the Danube River. The city is home to stunning landscapes, rich architecture and history, fine cuisine and many leisure activities. As an increasingly popular corporate travel destination, Budapest is a vibrant city with thriving industries such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, technology and renewable energy.  

For corporate travellers, Budapest is an ideal location – check out our business travel guide to Budapest for all the information you need for the perfect stay.


Visiting Budapest, Hungary - Key Information

Weather in Budapest
Weather icom

The climate in Budapest is that of a typical continental European city, with cold winters and warm summers. Temperatures are known to drop to as low as –2°C between December and February, with an average high of just 4°C. If you’re a business traveller in Budapest it is advised that you remember to pack layers and thick coats as they are essential to stay warm during this season.  

Summer temperatures are high: during July and August, you can expect an average temperature of 24°C and shining sun. This is the perfect time to explore the historical sites in and around the city, with plenty of sunshine – an average of seven hours per day to be exact! 

Currency in Budapest
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Hungarian Forint (HUF)

Most of Hungary, especially Budapest, widely uses card as the preferred method of payment. The majority of establishments accept cards, including smaller shops and bars. However, cash is always useful to carry as a corporate traveller in Budapest, as tipping is appreciated. The standard practice is to tip between 10% and 15%, but many restaurants and bars will include a 12.5% service charge on your bill. If a service charge is added, there is no need to leave any extra. 

Health & Well-being in Budapest
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As a cosmopolitan European capital with a relaxed atmosphere, the world famous Szechenyi thermal baths are a must visit on your business trip to Budapest. Over 110 years old, these century old baths are enjoyed by millions of locals and tourists each year. Besides the outdoor and indoor geothermal pools, during your visit you can also enjoy a range of message treatments, saunas, or use the gym facilities.  

Budapest's City Park is home to the iconic Szechenyi Baths, Vajdahunyad Castle and the Budapest Zoo, with picturesque walking trails and surroundings.  

Data in Budapest
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When on a business trip to Budapest from abroad, a power plug adaptor is necessary - you can purchase these online or in most airports before travelling.  

You can purchase a prepaid SIM card from various providers like T-Mobile or Vodafone from their stores or from kiosks and convenience stores around the city. Make sure to bring your passport with you as they are often required for the registration process. Most Hungary SIM cards include free EU data roaming so you can always connect during your business travel in Budapest and nearby cities.  

Plug type: Type C or F 

Cuisine in Budapest
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With a flourishing economy and booming tourism, new restaurants are constantly popping up in and around Budapest. From local goulash soup at street markets to Michelin-starred modernist meals, this city offers a variety of traditional and contemporary dishes which are a must try! These include Halászlé, a spicy fish soup with papriika or Lekváros bukta which are sweet jam filled buns.  

Budapest offers some of the best wines in Europe and is renowned for its impeccable gastronomy.  

Speaking the Language in Budapest, Hungary
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The official language in Budapest is Hungarian and is spoken by 98% of the population. English is widely spoken, especially among the younger generations, so you can also expect high levels of English in many tourist spots. Try out these basic phrases, so you can speak the local lingo during your corporate travel in Budapest.  

Hello = Szai 

Thank you = Köszönöm 

Excuse me = Elnézést 

Yes = Igen 

No = Nem 

Nice to meet you = Örvendek 

Where is ____? = Hol van ____? 

How much is this? = Ez mennyibe kerül? 

My name is____, what’s your name? = Én (name) vagyok, Mi a neved? 

Transport in Budapest- Getting Around Budapest, Hungary
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Budapest is a relatively easy city to get around with most public transport links running from 4.30am until 11.30pm.  


After the London underground, the Metro system in Budapest is the oldest in Europe, and has four main lines which cover most of the city. As a business traveller in Budapest, this is one of the easiest ways to get around the city.  

  • The Yellow Line (also known as Metro 1) is the oldest line operating in Continental Europe and UNESCO World Heritage Site and is about 5km long. This line stretches from Vörösmarty Tér all the way to City Park.  
  • The Red Line (Metro 2) runs from Szell Kalman in Buda to Ors Vezer Ter in Pest and stops at the Hungarian Parliament, Astoria and Keleti train station. This line will connect you to a variety of tourist spots around the city.  
  • Budapest’s Blue Line (Metro 3) is the longest in the city, running from Újpest-központ to Kőbánya-Kispest where you can find transport links to Budapest Airport. 
  • The Green Line (Metro 4) is the newest line and runs from Kelenföld train station in Buda to Keleti train station in Pest, with stops at the Gellért Baths and Central Market Hall. 


Budapest has three train stations, Keleti being the largest of the three and about two miles from Budapest’s city centre. From this station you can travel to a selection of cities located in central and eastern Europe.  

The other two train stations in Budapest are Nyugati station and Budapest Déli. Both of which provide trains to surrounding towns and cities within Hungury.  


The tram is the most convenient way to get around the city and  is an especially popular transport method as it offers panoramic views of the city centre. Budapest has over 40 tram lines that run through the historic centre. You can check out which lines will be most necessary for your journey here.  

In Budapest you also have the option of a variety of buses, taxis and private car services as well as boats to maneuver around the city. On a nice day, Budapest is easily walkable - with so much to see and do, exploring on foot is a delightful experience. 

Budapest Map


Now that you have a better understanding of all you need to know for your business trip in Budapest, check out our full collection of Budapest serviced apartments or get in touch to enquire today. Our team are always on hand to support you with every step of the booking process and will find the perfect accommodation for you that meets all of your requirements.  

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