A Business Travel Guide to Trondheim

A Business Travel Guide to Trondheim

A Business Travel Guide to Trondheim
16th April 2024

Staying in Trondheim, Norway

Nestled in the heart of Norway, the city of Trondheim is largely influenced by both its medieval and Viking roots. With it being the third biggest city in Norway, it is home to more than 200,000 people. As well as being an up-and-coming business hub, it’s also home to renowned landmarks such as Nidaros Cathedral and the Ringve Museum making it an ideal place for business travellers to explore both sides of Trondheim.  

In this corporate traveller guide, you will find all the basics you need to know for your next business trip to Trondheim - read on to find out more.  

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Visiting Trondheim, Norway - Key Information

Weather in Trondheim
Weather icom

The climate in Trondheim is continental. The city faces relatively cold winters where the average temperature is a few degrees below freezing, and it's often rainy and windy due to the Atlantic currents . Summers are mild; its rare that the temperature in the summer exceeds the mid 20’s with fairly frequent periods of rain. Packing an umbrella at any time of the year would be advised 

Currency in Trondheim
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Norwegian Kroner (NOK)

The currency in Norway is the Norwegian Kroner. Despite popular belief, the euro is rarely accepted in Norway, but don’t worry if you do bring euros on your business trip to Trondheim, you will be able to exchange them at the bureau de change.  

Tipping is voluntary and not obligatory - due to comparatively high living wages, workers in Norway earn a decent wage and therefore aren’t so reliant on tips. If you do choose to leave a tip, rounding up to the nearest 10 or 100 NOK is usually what people opt for.  

Health & Well-being in Trondheim
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Going for a walk or a run is very popular in Trondheim, this is due to the vast number of parks to explore. Gåsaparken is a favourite with its several coffee shops dotted around the park, meaning people can reward themselves after a hard run. Trondheim also offers access to a variety of fitness centres, sports clubs, and wellness services, catering to diverse interests and preferences. There is lots to keep you busy on your trip to Trondheim. 

Due to the city being the home to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, there’s also a large focus on mental well-being in the area, with the local community offering counselling services and support groups.  

Data in Trondheim
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If you are attending a corporate business trip to Trondheim, its important to always stay connected. There are two main telephone providers in Norway, Telenor and Telia, both offer a variety of deals and can be purchased from local convenience stores, such as Pressbyrån, 7-Eleven and Clas Ohlson. Its thought that Telia is better for the shorter-term stays as they have very flexible plans. 

Plug Type: Type F

Cuisine in Trondheim
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Due to its coastal location, seafood plays a prominent role in many dishes; fresh catches like salmon, cod and herring being very popular. Local specialties such as "klippfisk" (dried and salted cod) and "rakfisk" (fermented trout) offer a unique culinary experience. Additionally, reindeer meat dishes and stews are common. Trondheim’s food scene boats a mix of Nordic tradition with a modern twist, meaning there is something for everyone. 

Speaking the Language in Trondheim, Norway
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The language spoken in Trondheim is a Norwegian dialect called Trondersk, although the words are very similar to standard Norwegian. The dialect is different both grammatically and phonetically to the standard Eastern Norwegian spoken in places like Oslo, and has quite a unique sound that can be hard to understand. 

Here’s a few simple phrases to try! 

Hello – Hei 

How are you? - hvordan har du det? 

Can I have the bill please? - Kan jeg få regningen? 

Thank you – takk 

How much is this? - Hvor mye koster dette? 

Transport in Trondheim - Getting Around Trondheim, Norway
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Trondheim has a variety of transport methods that are operated by the AtB (AtB Mobillett). Using the app, you can buy bus and tram tickets for extensive travel coverage across the city and its surrounding areas - perfect for your next business trip to Trondheim.  

Bus and Tram are the most common way to get around the city, with tickets prices ranging depending on how many zones you would like to travel to and the length of ticket you would like to purchase. You can buy single day tickets, all the way up to 180-day season tickets. 

Cycling is becoming extremely popular due to the well-maintained bike lanes and bike sharing programme known as ‘Trondheim Bysykkel’ where users can locate and unlock bikes using the app. It’s a fun, picturesque way to explore what Trondheim has to offer. 

For longer journeys to nearby towns and cities, the Norwegian State Railway is the best option. It provides reliable train services from Trondheim’s central station, connecting it with other major destinations across Norway.  

Private transport such as taxis and car rentals are also available. 

Trondheim Map

Now that you are armed with the information you need for your next business trip to Trondheim, why not browse our serviced apartments in the city. Contact our dedicated team to assist you in finding the perfect accommodation solution for your business trip to Trondheim. With our expertise and 24/7 support, we're committed to ensuring a seamless booking experience and unparalleled assistance during your time in Trondheim. 

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