Traveller Tracking

Traveller tracking is increasingly being used by multinational corporations and travel managers to monitor the whereabouts of their corporate travellers all around the world. Designed with the safety and security of business travellers in mind, intelligent traveller tracking networks identify and act upon any hazards, emergencies or incidents that may disrupt an individual’s trip.

Traveller tracking providers utilise a constant stream of real-time data that is transferred to them by a series of travel services such as airlines and accommodation providers.

Using this data, they create a picture of where your guests are located at any given time. If any issues arise within the vicinity of your guest, both the traveller manager and business traveller will be alerted and advised on what action to take.

How SilverDoor Integrates with Traveller Tracking

As duty of care is one of our key concerns, we work with key travel and operational risk companies such as Anvil and International SOS. If you already work with one of these providers, simply inform your SilverDoor account manager who will then ensure your reservation data is fed into their systems.

The benefits of this process are that your business travellers are better cared for and proactive alerts offer live updates for all parties.


Traveller Tracking with Orbi

These services aren’t just limited to companies with existing traveller tracking partnerships. Our online booking platform, Orbi, also has its own traveller tracking component which shows you a map of where all of your business travellers are staying on any given date.

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