Top 5 serviced apartments for health and wellbeing

Top 5 serviced apartments for health and wellbeing

Top 5 serviced apartments for health and wellbeing
19th July 2016

Today marks the celebration of Dharma Day: Buddhism’s very own birthday. As the date the religion was first established in 6th century BC, it stands as an important time for reflection, bringing with it readings from scriptures, sermons and visits to temples.  It’s also a pretty exciting festival.

But Buddhism is more than just a religion. For millions around the world it’s a way of life, encapsulating everything from meditation to vegetarianism.

In popular culture, Buddhism can be found everywhere from yoga, to cinema to sport.  A recent trend towards mindfulness - the latest meditation fad - has seen the likes of Emma Watson, Angelina Jolie and Oprah Winfrey endorsing breathing techniques and judgement-free thoughts.  All well and good you say, but is there any room for mindfulness on a business trip?

Business travel is a hectic activity: the flights, the packing, and the jet lag, not to mention the accommodation itself. Then there’s the ground transport to sort out at the other end.  For those relocating with families there’s even visa and schooling arrangements to consider.

Thankfully the laborious task of travelling for work is made all the more easier by the advent of serviced apartments. With the average serviced apartment roughly twice size of a hotel room, business travellers have more space to eat, work and host meetings. But what good is all that extra space if you’ve no means to relax. Sure, the vast majority of serviced apartments offer comfy beds, free Wi-Fi and Flat Screen TV’s. That’s a given.  For the more discerning business traveller however, a good night’s sleep and a Netflix binge just isn’t enough.

In June 2015 we looked at the 7 luxury extras you can find in serviced apartments. Included in that list were a chauffeur driven car, welcome hampers and a cinema room. But serviced apartment luxuries don’t end there.

These days, wellness tourism is a big thing. Studies show that an increasing number of people are travelling abroad not only for work or pleasure but also health and wellbeing.  Just in the same way that hotels have setup programmes to attract health conscious guests, so too have serviced apartments introduced saunas and fitness facilities.

SilverDoor represent nearly 2,000 serviced apartments that offer everything from massages to hot tubs and spa treatments.  For the ultimate in Buddha bliss, we give you our top 5 serviced apartments for leisure facilities:

1.) Dolphin House

fine dining at dolphin

Area: Pimlico, London

Apartment Sizes:  Studio, 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments

A combination of art deco architecture and leafy private gardens give these executive London serviced apartments a traditional sense of calm. Beautifully located on the River Thames in Pimlico, they’re part of a historic residential complex dating back to the 1930s.

Leisure facilities on-site include a free fitness centre, sauna, steam room and swimming pool. Best of all is the enchanting Moroccan themed spa located in the basement which features a range of authentic cleansing rituals.

2.) Mayfair Langsuan Bangkok Apartments


Area:  Central Business District, Bangkok

Apartment Sizes:  1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments

In Mayfair Langsuan Bangkok Apartments, guests can enjoy panoramic views of Bangkok from a luxury rooftop salt water swimming pool. On the same floor you’ll also find a sauna and hot tub, in addition to a spa on the second floor offering massage and beauty treatments.

3.) West Harbour City Apartment

west harbour

Area:  Fort York, Toronto

Apartment Sizes:  3 bedroom apartment

Mayfair Langsuan’s equivalent in Canada, the West Harbour City Apartment features breath-taking vistas of the Toronto Skyline from a rooftop spa and fitness centre complete with whirlpools, steam rooms and an indoor/outdoor deck and terrace area.

4.) Colorado Avenue Apartments

swimming pools

Area: Santa Monica, Los Angeles

Apartment Sizes:  1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments

No summer is complete without a BBQ. At these Colorado based serviced apartments, the patio also doubles as a picnic area, meaning guests can cook or nibble finger food under the sun. What a better way to unwind on a balmy afternoon.

Leisure wise, the apartments also feature a swimming pool, hot tub, spa and sauna.

5.) Nour Apartments


Area: Fujairah, UAE

Apartment Sizes:  Studio, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments

Fujairah lies along the gulf of Oman – an area noted for its beaches and the picturesque Hajar Mountains. Observe the mountains from a height and awaken with a soothing call to prayer from the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, with a stay at the Nour Arjaan Apartments.

Leisure facilities on-site include a fitness centre, rooftop swimming pool, steam room, sauna and massage rooms.

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