The market mentality

The market mentality
29th January 2014

London markets are as famous for what they have on their stalls as they are for their location. Areas across the city have been made popular for their diverse range of clothes, jewellery, antiques, and, particularly, food. Some markets have only just started to build a dedicated custom, whilst there are others that have stood the test of time and have been trading since the 13th century. Over the last few years, fresh organic food and independent arts and craft have become a regular staple in the British home. This is partly because families are now willing to stick with market produce rather than settle for just outsourced supermarket or high street brands.>

The mentality in British homes is changing due to more investment and encouragement in independent businesses. We have recently touched on this in our article on Tech City start-ups, which explores new companies emerging around the Silicon Roundabout. There’s also a consistent sweep of foreign culture influencing market stalls and businesses across the city. Jamaican, Indian, Sri Lankan, Korean, Polish, German, Mexican, Spanish, Serbian and many more nationalities line the streets of London with their authentic cuisine, ingredients and artistic creations.

Borough market offers an elaborate maze of gourmet food that you’d be happy to lose yourself in. This is the perfect place to source fresh produce and try a huge variety of speciality food at the same time. With the market running from Monday to Saturday, this could be a daily source of ingredients. In the north, Camden Lock opens up the world to arts and crafts, jewellery and vintage clothing. Artistic entrepeneurs enrich the courtyards of the indoor Victorian market hall and lavish their unique work upon willing customers. Notting Hill presents a whole different prospect with the world famous Portobello market proving to be a road to success for any marketeer. Jewellery, antiques, gifts for children, nostalgia trips and bric-a-brac adorn the eclectic mix of market stalls that lead to an array of culinary delights.

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