The A-Z of Serviced Apartments

The A-Z of Serviced Apartments

The A-Z of Serviced Apartments
24th August 2022

If you're new to the wonderful world of serviced apartments, there are more than a few terms and phrases you're likely unfamiliar with. While you might have got to grips with just exactly what a serviced apartment is, there's still plenty more to familiarise yourself with before embarking on your first serviced apartment business stay. 

So, to help you find your feet, we've put together our no-nonsense, plain-talking 'A-Z of serviced apartments' guide. This handy alphabetical rundown has everything you need to know for your first foray into a business stay with SilverDoor - so let's get started!

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A – Aparthotel: A building dedicated to the provision of serviced apartments, with the added bonus of on-site hotel-like facilities.

B – Beam: Formerly Hotel Booking Agents Association (HBAA), Beam is a trade association covering multiple components of the travel industry, including hospitality, meetings and events, and serviced apartments.

C – Cost Savings: With lower rates than hotel equivalents, serviced apartments offer incredible value. Furthermore, with our buying power and excellent operator relationships, we can negotiate the best rates on your behalf.

D – Dogs (and other pets): While not all serviced apartments cater to four-legged friends, an increasing number do – meaning you needn’t leave your pet behind when travelling on business.

E – Extended stay: When a longer-term business visit is required, selecting an extended stay property is crucial. Nearly all serviced apartments fall into this category – though those with additional on-site amenities are ideal.

F – Fully equipped kitchen: Key to any serviced apartment, a fully equipped kitchen provides the ultimate in convenience and self-sufficiency. Free from the constraints of restaurant bookings, guests can save time and money by making their own meals at their leisure.

G – GBTA: An acronym for the Global Business Travel Association – the world’s premier business travel and meetings organisation, with strong links to the serviced apartment industry.

H – Home-from-home: A serviced apartment is equipped with all the household goods you could hope to find. In each living area you can expect furniture, technology, and other essentials required for a completely comfortable and self-sufficient stay.

I – ITM: The Institute of Travel Management represents over 5,000 business travel buyers and suppliers across the UK and Ireland. We attend the ITM’s regular events to stay informed of the latest trends happening within the travel management industry.

J – Job satisfaction: Staying in serviced apartment reduces a number of travel-related stress factors and provides a space to work from home and relax, all while staying within close proximity of your desired location

K – Knowledge: With over twenty years of expertise in the corporate accommodation industry, we have amassed an incredible amount of knowledge to better inform our clients’ booking choices. From detailed market analysis to local area guides, SilverDoor has you covered.

L – Live inventory: We are continuously growing our live inventory of apartments that can be booked online at any time - day or night. While we will always provide the best personal service over the phone, live inventory makes it easy to make an instant online booking when required.

M – Meet and greet: Depending on client preference, there are a variety of ways to check-in when staying at a serviced apartment. While most apartments have the option for self-check-ins, clients can arrange for meet and greet check-ins where they are shown around their apartment by a member of staff.  

N – Nightly Rate: This is the daily charge applicable to serviced apartments. Unlike hotels, the nightly rate of apartments decreases as the length of stay increases.  

O – Orbi: Orbi is our online booking platform built with the corporate guest in mind. Orbi makes booking an apartment as familiar and simple as booking a hotel and provides our clients with complete control of their programme.

P – Privacy: With fewer intrusions from housekeeping staff and more room to live according to your schedule, serviced apartments provide more privacy than hotels. Alternatively, if you would prefer a more regular service, or at specific times, that can be arranged too.

Q – Quality Accreditation: There are a range of recognised accreditors in the serviced apartment industry – all of which evaluate a property’s adherence to strict health and safety, quality, or sustainability criteria.

R – Relocation: When businesses redeploy employees to new destinations, usually overseas. SilverDoor is well versed in supporting relocating assignees – with serviced apartments providing the perfect ‘in between’ when awaiting a permanent residence.

S – Sustainability: While serviced apartments are innately better for the environment than hotels, many providers are working hard to make their apartments more sustainable, if not completely carbon neutral. When searching apartments on our website, be sure to look out for the sustainability features on offer.

T – The Apartment Service: Established in 1981, The Apartment Service (TAS) was a leading serviced apartment agent. Acquired in 2021 by Habicus Group, TAS merged with SilverDoor in 2022 – bringing together 60 years of expertise under one leading brand.

U – Utilities: All essential utility charges are included in the price of your serviced apartment stay, and most apartments also provide free Wi-Fi so guests can work from the comfort of their apartment.

V – VAT: The tax cost of staying in a serviced apartment reduces as the length of stay increases, as VAT drops from 20% to just 4% after 28 nights.

W – Welcome pack: A gift hamper provided to guests on arrival at their serviced apartment. Most serviced apartments include a basic welcome pack featuring essentials like milk, soap, tea, and coffee.

X – Extra mile: At SilverDoor, service is at the heart of everything we do. Our dedicated teams always go the extra mile to ensure guests feel completely supported – from enquiry to check-out. Head to our Trustpilot page to see some of the excellent feedback our extra mile service receives.

Y – You: A serviced apartment stay really does all revolve around the guest. From sourcing a property in the best location, to searching for the specific amenities and flexibility you require, our mission is to ensure you are completely satisfied. And we’ll always be on hand, 24/7, so you’ll never be more than a phone call away.

Zzz – Rest well: The ultimate outcome of a stay in a serviced apartment is a good night’s sleep. With a spacious place to call home and separate areas in which to work, entertain, cook, and rest, you’re sure to feel energised for business when staying in a serviced apartment.  

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