SilverDoor Acquires Largest Competitor Citybase

SilverDoor Acquires Largest Competitor Citybase

SilverDoor Acquires Largest Competitor Citybase
25th May 2016

We’re excited to announce that SilverDoor has acquired Worldview, the parent company of Citybase, in a deal that unites the world’s leading serviced apartment agents.

Also announced is the formation of a new parent company which will consist of the corporate focused SilverDoor brand and Worldview’s Citybase and Central London Apartments brands.

There are also plans to reinvigorate Orbital Partnership, an online serviced apartment network which provides operators with a free, collaborative means of distribution. Orbital Partnership is a unique proposition in the serviced apartment sector as it’s the only network that is free for operators to join and utilises technology that is unparalleled in the industry.

SilverDoor and Citybase, both privately owned since their inception, will continue to operate independently from respective London and Lancaster offices but will benefit from the integration of resources.

SilverDoor Managing Director, Marcus Angell, and Commercial Director, Stuart Winstone, will continue in their roles at SilverDoor and assume control of the parent company. They’ll also take on the same positions within Citybase alongside newly appointed Operations Director (Lancaster), Imogen Brettell.

Citybase co-founders and joint Managing Directors, Stuart Parker and Davor Parker, have been appointed Director of Digital & Leisure Strategy and Technology Consultant respectively. Their father, Victor Parker, also co-founder and joint Managing Director, and his wife Davorka Parker, will be retiring.

SilverDoor Managing Director, Marcus Angell said: “While some companies are approaching a potential Brexit with trepidation, the serviced apartment market is set to double in size over the next two years and now is the ideal time to consolidate and strengthen our position as the world’s leading agents. SilverDoor and Citybase provide two very successful yet distinct offerings which complement each other perfectly.”

This is such an exciting time, not only for SilverDoor and Citybase, but also for the thousands of business travellers and private clients we place in serviced apartments around the world each and every day.

For more information about the acquisition, contact Caroline Saunders.

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