Reactive businesses and the modern family

Reactive businesses and the modern family

Reactive businesses and the modern family
8th August 2014

Relocation can be a complicated process for any business traveller and it can be even trickier when the assignee’s family relocates too. Consultants strive to make this transition as stress-free and effortless as possible through managing the assignee’s travel, accommodation and expectations.

So are today’s needs of the modern family any different than that of yesteryear? If so, how have serviced apartment operators adapted to these changes?

With journalists and businesses labelling a generation to suit demand, living in the digital age has never been so complex.  Modern-day necessities for tech-savvy families have evolved from what “pre-millennial” business travellers once expected. In a time when most things are available at the touch of a button, day-to-day expectations of accommodation have advanced to include a range of digital devices and high-tech appliances. Serviced apartment operators are constantly striving to meet and exceed the expectations of their guests by offering something other operators may not have. Many apartments now come fully equipped with modern appliances and high-speed wireless broadband; with a number having Sky packages, HDTV and automated heating and lighting. Is this a far cry from dialup internet, fax machines and terrestrial TV?

Assignees all over the world have children who relocate with them or regularly visit, so room for every member of the family is important. Many operators now allow pets within their apartments and some even have in-house pets. Staybridge Suites are planning on a new edition of an in-house dog and Htel’s ‘rent a goldfish scheme’ has been extremely popular with families. Over the past decade technology has rapidly evolved, and without noticing we’ve found ourselves in the midst of a ‘digital age’. Serviced apartment operators have embraced this and understand the ever-changing needs of the modern travelling family. Being adaptable is pivotal to the success of integrating technology within serviced apartments and it’s now something the majority of business travellers expect – and so do their families.

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