Prague Corporate Traveller Guide

Prague Corporate Traveller Guide

Prague Corporate Traveller Guide
21st March 2023

Prague, Czech Republic

Its strategic position at the very centre of Europe makes Prague a vital economic capital and a dynamic business destination. With a famously artistic heritage, Prague’s Bohemian streets are brimming with architectural treasures creating an impressive backdrop for urban exploration. A cultural haven, industrial powerhouse and chiselled landscape, it is no surprise the City of a Hundred Spires is a thriving travel destination.

Once the stomping ground of musical great Mozart and German literary giant Franz Kafka, you’ll be in good company if visiting or relocating to Prague. Before you pack your suitcase, you might want to get to grips with the basics – we’ve collated all the things you need to know as a corporate traveller in Prague, read on for our guide.


Prague city features

Prague Key Information

Weather in Prague
Weather icom

Prague’s oceanic climate manifests as warm, rainy summers that average around 20°C and over, and freezing winters dropping below 0°C from December to February. Like in Prague’s European neighbours, a varied, seasonal wardrobe is vital here as well as a sturdy umbrella and good winter coat.

Currency in Prague

Czech Koruna (CZK)

Money icon

The Czech koruna (or crown) is the official currency in Prague; some restaurants and shops may accept euros but it’s unpredictable which will. Drawing local cash from an ATM with a foreign card may incur fees, so getting bigger amounts out less frequently may be more cost effective. You won’t struggle to find an ATM in Prague if you favour paying in cash, but card payments are accepted in most places in the city centre. 

Health & Well-being in Prague
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Aside from getting your steps up by exploring the beautiful city on foot, Prague offers many ways to keep fit. An outdoor workout isn’t simply about exercise in Prague, but an excuse to explore the city’s history: in the warmer months, take advantage of the sculpted landscape and take a hike, run, or cycle down memory lane.

Locals also enjoy a parkour inspired outdoor gym as it’s free and social. Street workout parks and gyms are dotted around the city and feature sturdy outdoor gym equipment, or try and improvise with benches and walls.

Data in Prague
Wifi icon

Whether looking for directions, ordering a taxi or translating the language, data is pretty key for modern-day travelling. European travellers will likely be able to use their usual SIM for no extra charge when in Prague as most data plans will cover all European countries – check with your provider before you set off to make sure.

If not, buying a cheap SIM is easy in Prague, but you can usually find free WiFi in restaurants and shopping malls if you’re only staying for a short time. T-Mobile, O2 and Vodafone are great options for cheap SIMs with good data plans – buy them in convenience stores, mobile provider shops or online.

Plug shape: Type E & C.

Cuisine in Prague
Eat icon

Czech cuisine consists of a lot of meats, soups, stews and sauces; it’s homely, comfort food at its finest. One of the most popular local dishes is svíčková na smetaně – a slow roasted cut of beef served with a thick vegetable purée, topped with whipped cream, cranberry sauce, a slice of lemon and knedliky. Knedliky is a dumpling-style bread used to mop up saucy Czech meals like goulash.

Landmarks in Prague
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Prague isn’t called the City of a Hundred Spires for nothing; its Bohemian influence, Gothic and Baroque architecture and Roman imperial foundations create an impressive cityscape. Top landmarks to add to your itinerary include the Dancing House, Prague Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge, St Nicholas Church and Kinksy Palace.

Language in Prague
Language icon

The national language spoken in Prague is Czech, although many locals frequenting tourist hotspots will have a good understanding of English and most menus in these areas will have an English translation. Related to Polish, Latin and German, Czech can be tricky to learn. Here are a few phrases to help you get started.

Prosísm (pro-seem):  this is a general phrase that Czechs like to use in a variety of scenarios, you can’t go too wrong using this word for ‘please’, ‘you’re welcome’, ‘excuse me?’, or ‘here you are’ when giving somebody something.

Dekuji (dye-ku-yi):  thanks

Ano:  yes (watch out for cross-language miscommunication here as this is often shortened to ‘no’ by native speakers)

Dobrý den (dob-ree den):  hello

Mluvíte anglicky? (mlooveete anglitskee):  do you speak English?

Co je to? (tso yeh toh):  what is it? Use this phrase to broaden your Czech vocabulary by asking locals to name certain things.

Transport in Prague 
Transport icon

Prague is known to have an efficient public transport network of buses, trams and metro. To get to the suburbs, out of the city and even to international European destinations, trains run from Prague Main Train Station and go as far as Germany, Poland and Switzerland.

Buying a ticket for Prague public transport allows unlimited travel between different transport modes during a set time period. For adults (aged 15-59), tickets range from 30 CZK for 30 minutes to 550 CZK for 1-month of travel. Seniors aged 60-64 get discounted travel, while seniors aged 65+ and children aged 0-14 can travel for free using a photo ID.

Ticket machines on trams and buses accept contactless payment via card or smart phone, station kiosks also accept cash.

The Prague Metro runs three lines – Line A, Line B and Line C – throughout the city centre at regular intervals from 5:00am to midnight.

The city’s tram network operates centrally 24-hours a day: daytime trams run regularly from 4:30am to midnight, and night trams run every 30 minutes from midnight to 4:30am.

Buses serve Prague outskirts and operate 24-hours a day, with day and night buses running the same times as trams.

Bolt and Liftago are the go-to local taxi apps, and Citymapper is your best bet for planning public transport routes.

Prague Map


Now that you've brushed up on all the basics ahead of your next business trip to Prague, browse our selection of Prague serviced apartments and get in touch to book today.

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