Go Native Reveal All

Go Native Reveal All
22nd February 2013

A new booking system, new properties and what they love most about their jobs, Samantha McKnight and Kim Ashmore from Go Native reveal all in this week’s Inside Scoop. To read more about a new Go Native opening, Kim joined us back in the office again.

You’re quite well-known within SilverDoor Apartments for doing fun property launches and FAM trips, how do these evenings benefit you?

Samantha: I’m a firm believer that if you’ve walked to the apartment from the station, sat on the bed, opened all the cupboards and had a nose around, you’re more comfortable offering the apartments to your clients, having seen it and experienced it for yourself.

New Native Apartments in Manchester
New Go Native Apartments in Manchester are modern and stylish

Here at SilverDoor Apartments, we try to regularly visit both new and old properties in our portfolio and keep in consistent contact with our partners so we can stay updated and keep our clients best informed. Our SD Verified strategy ensures that whenever a SilverDoorian stays at an apartment we offer, they leave a personal review of their experience to offer a more detailed description of the apartment to give personalised, tailored information to guests. These Native Manchester Apartments have been verified by three members of staff and are highly praised as being spacious, modern and having friendly staff.

What do you think sets Go Native apart from other property partners?

Samantha: I’ve answered this question quite a lot actually, and to be frank, I think it’s the people. It’s a fun environment. We actually enjoy going to work and we’re always having a giggle. You can hear down the phone whether someone wants to be there. They always say in customer service training “smile down the phone” because it can be heard, most of the time we actually have to stop laughing to pick up the phone. If you enjoy your job and you like speaking to the people at the end of the phone it makes a big difference.  Our clients will always get a positive vibe from us, that is just the way we are.

Kim: Our offices also have a very supportive environment and I think that undoubtedly translates outwards towards the clients.

Native's Aldgate East Apartments are bright and spacious
Space is a rare luxury in London, but Go Native's Aldgate East Apartments have it in bundles

Another verified property is Native Aldgate East, praised for being spacious and quiet: a rare find in the bustling capital. Centrally located surrounded by transport links, these one-bedroom apartments are ideal for a business traveller with lots of corporate commitments spread around the city.

Do you have any big plans for 2013 or any new properties in the pipeline?

Kim: World domination wasn’t it?

Samantha: Something like that! We have some serious growth plans between now and 2015. The thing with property in general is you kind of have to take it when it comes. You can’t say we’re only going to take on new properties from September this year; if a good opportunity comes along, we’re going to take it because the reality is that if we don’t, one of the other top 10 service providers will. We will definitely fight for every great opportunity out there, especially when it’s the right property in the right area, because undoubtedly people will book it.

Aside from property, we have our new booking system that’s going live at the beginning of Q2 along with our updated website and GDS. We’ve also taken all the aspects SilverDoor requested into consideration, such as nightly rates that are whole numbers. Having something that’s quick, efficient and does the job properly without drama is going to make things so much better so we’re all very excited.

Native Hyde Park Apartments
Go Native are a top property provider in the UK capital with plans to expand further around the country

With one of our UK offices being based in London, we can easily stay in close contact with London-based Go Native with them regularly visiting us in the office for interviews like these. Native Hyde Park Apartments have been in our portfolio for years and have recently been refurbished to stay up to date with ever-changing styles and demands.

Now for the quick fire round…


White wine or red wine: red

Love Actually or Bridget Jones: Love Actually

Rough and ready or prim and proper: rough and ready


Book or Kindle: Oh, I thought I was going to have the same questions! [Me: then you’d be able to prepare the answer, that’s not quick fire!] Ok, Kindle.

Harry Potter or Twilight: Harry Potter

Shoes or handbags: shoes

Amendment; since the publishing of this blog, Go Native has since re-branded as Native.

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