Relocation: Apartments are your Best and Safest Choice

Relocation: Apartments are your Best and Safest Choice

Relocation: Apartments are your Best and Safest Choice
19th May 2020

Last Updated: 29th July 2020

As countries around the world gradually shift towards a post-peak phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, international travel is once again becoming a viable option – especially where business is concerned. For companies with international reach, ensuring that their global mobility programmes resume as quickly as possible is understandably a priority. Naturally, the prevalent concerns when re-engaging in global mobility programmes at this time surround employee safety and well-being. With some travellers arriving to the UK, for example, required to undergo a mandatory 14 day quarantine period, sourcing the right accommodation for the task has never been more important. That is why SilverDoor, in alliance with the world’s leading property partners, has implemented stringent health and safety guidelines to provide assignees with the safest possible accommodation throughout this crisis. Whether for temporary corporate housing or longer term relocation, apartments offering a safe, practical and homely environment are the ideal solution.

Global Mobility Today

Although the number of flights and passengers have been dramatically cut in recent months, the number is set to rise significantly over the summer period

An increased focus on hygiene, social distancing and quarantine within the travel industry has impacted the ways in which accommodation can be safely utilised and accessed. The nature of serviced apartments means they can be effectively adapted in accordance with the latest hygiene and social distancing guidelines, while still ensuring an enjoyable stay for guests - regardless of booking duration.

Having prepared and enhanced our operations to provide the safest possible accommodation, we are confident that assignees staying in corporate housing will appreciate the added sense of safety and security this form of accommodation affords.

Why Serviced Apartments?

With extended quarantine periods and other restrictions in place across the globe, the peace of mind and flexibility a serviced apartment provides is invaluable

Providing unequalled levels of privacy, comfort and flexibility, furnished apartments only serve to further benefit assignees undertaking longer stays when relocating. Additionally, the inclusive nature and size of corporate housing allows for a greater sense of freedom and autonomy while assignees undergo a period of quarantine and acclimatisation.

Cleanliness and well-being

By utilising the expert recommendations of Quality in Tourism and Common Sense Compliance, we and our partners are ensuring that all properties booked on behalf of our clients adhere to stringent safety and hygiene protocols as to tackle the threat posed by coronavirus. With procedures in place to minimise all face-to-face contact with guests whilst providing quality service, serviced apartment complexes are fully prepared to welcome relocating clients.

Meticulous deep cleaning, sanitising and reduced contact is imposed on all apartments before and after any stay, meaning every possible effort has been made to eliminate trace bacteria in and around relocation apartments prior to arrival. Indeed, SilverDoor has been working with property partners since the outbreak began to provide safe accommodation to keyworkers and those in need of emergency corporate housing. Simply put, our protocols, and the WHO guidelines we follow, have been successfully implemented for some time, and are constantly being revised according to the latest advice.

Privacy and comfort

Within a serviced apartment, an unmatched level of autonomy is achieved thanks to spacious, designated living areas and incorporated facilities. The inclusion of a kitchen, rest area, and entertainment facilities brings with them the ability to be self-sufficient whilst avoiding unnecessary social contact. With personal cooking and laundering facilities, guests can avoid busy public dining areas and congested communal spaces. This true home-from-home environment will enable your colleagues to properly settle in to their new accommodation, working and living comfortably for as long as is required.

With a range of serviced apartments to suit budget and taste, comfort, privacy and cleanliness are always guaranteed

Technology and Service

To provide the greatest peace of mind to both travellers and travel managers within your global mobility programme, SilverDoor will remain on hand throughout your stay to answer any queries, monitor guest well-being and provide any support necessary. From the point of enquiry right through to checkout, our team is contactable 24 hours a day – both virtually and by telephone – should any issues arise.

You and your team will also receive access to our innovative OrbiRelo technology – allowing all trips to be managed and customised remotely. Our OrbiRelo software supports Traveller Tracking to provide an additional level of security – meaning you can rest assured that your employees reach their relocation apartments safely. Should you require it, we can also organise airport transfers and personal travel, allowing guests to avoid public transport and reach their destination with as little exposure to virus high-risk situations as possible.

Our revolutionary Orbi technology enables instant journey and bookings management on a range of portable devices

To learn more about how SilverDoor can assist with your global mobility programme, contact us to receive personal advice from our dedicated team, or explore the benefits of serviced apartments, including the incredible cost savings they offer.

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