Corporate Housing vs. Hotels

Corporate Housing vs. Hotels

Corporate Housing vs. Hotels
28th August 2018

Business travellers are always confronted with a range of different options when booking accommodation in a new city. Hotels are always in consideration. However, other forms of accommodation such as short-term rentals and corporate housing are also an alternative.

Corporate housing is essentially the transatlantic equivalent of the serviced apartment. Corporate housing actually predates the serviced apartment, but both share very similar origins and serve a very similar purpose.

With added space and a better value for money, corporate housing has long been disrupting the business travel market. Corporate housing offers a unique set of features that directly appeal to corporate clients. These perks include privacy, flexibility, cost, space and reliability.


Privacy is essential for corporate guests. Typically, business travellers stay for long periods of time, so peace of mind is important. With hotels, guests are more likely to receive regular interruptions and a high noise level. Corporate housing allows guests to live like a local. Interruptions are irregular and housekeeping services are infrequent (usually either once weekly or biweekly).

Corporate housing strives to offer a homely experience. Therefore, guests should be able to relax and unwind without worrying about the next disturbance. That being said, daily housekeeping services can always be arranged should the guest request it.


One of the biggest perks of corporate housing is the flexibility it guarantees. People often assume hotels offer things such as on-site restaurants and room service. In reality, hotels guests are often at the mercy of set meal times or no meal times at all.

With corporate housing, guests will always have access to their own private kitchen facilities. So, whether they get home late or start at the crack of dawn, they’ll always have time for a bite. Also, apartments can double up as workspaces and meeting rooms.


Corporate housing generally includes fewer add-on charges. With kitchen facilities included, guests will be able to cut out the cost of eating out on a daily basis. Additional services such as internet and laundry facilities are often free as well.

Everybody knows what the average stay at a hotel looks like. With corporate housing, you’re getting a bigger bang for your buck. Business travellers appreciate more than just a standard studio; they want somewhere to live as opposed to just stay for a short time.


Without a doubt, one of the biggest benefits of corporate housing is space. A standard hotel room is nothing more than a studio and an en-suite. A typical one bedroom apartment is roughly twice the size of a hotel room.

Each apartment includes kitchen facilities and a living space, with separate areas for cooking, sleeping and unwinding. We offer everything from studios to four-bedroom apartments.


Reliability is a key requirement for corporate clients. Hotels do not primarily cater to business travel and could be booked up with shorter stays, particularly during busy periods.

Corporate housing providers appreciate the value of long-stay bookings and will always prioritize lengthy reservations. Also, booking a long-stay with individual landlords and short-term rental companies can be a risky business. As an agent, SilverDoor Apartments offer corporate guests peace of mind and can be relied on to offer support should the guest require it.


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