10 facts about Copenhagen, Denmark you probably didn't know

10 facts about Copenhagen, Denmark you probably didn't know

10 facts about Copenhagen, Denmark you probably didn't know
11th August 2020

Copenhagen is a city defined by its vibrancy, energy and sophistication. Renowned as the happiest city on earth, the Danish capital is a sociable and convivial destination with an irresistible charm, and its vivid colours and striking modern architecture have captured the imagination of travellers for decades. We’ve delved deeper into The City of Spires to find ten facts about Copenhagen Denmark - the enchanting capital city.

Tivoli Gardens’ Impressive History

First on our list of interesting facts about Copenhagen is arguably the city’s most famous landmark, Tivoli Gardens. The amusement park and pleasure gardens were first opened in 1843, making them the second-oldest amusement park in the world. The park has continued to prosper thanks to the prevailing mantra of founder, George Carstensen, that ‘the park will never be finished’.

Tivoli Gardens plays host to many special events, including the famous Nordic Christmas celebrations

A Fairy-tale on the Water

One of Denmark’s most famous citizens, Hans Christian Andersen is the author of world-renowned stories like ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’, ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘The Ugly Duckling’. Best remembered for his dark fairy-tales, the Dane lived in no less than three of the famous, harbour-front homes on the iconic Nyhavn waterfront. Indeed, while living at No. 20 he penned one of his most celebrated tales, ‘The Princess and the Pea’.

The famously bold colours of the Nyhavn waterfront are quintessential Copenhagen

A Greedy Capital City

A quintessentially Danish city, Copenhagen is an ode to the country’s values and way of life. Interestingly though, the Danish capital was not always just that. In the early 16th century, Denmark, Sweden and Norway formed a union, called the Kalmar Union, wherein Copenhagen became the capital city for all three. After a tumultuous period, Stockholm and Oslo were restored to their rightful statuses and the rest is history.

The three kingdoms of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway joined under a single monarch from 1397 to 1523

A Cycling Revolution

In true Scandinavian style, Copenhagen is an eminently cycle-able city. In fact, the prominence of its cycle culture is such that almost one-third of all trips are made by bicycle. There are roughly five times more bicycles than cars in the city, showing once again how this unique place is pioneering environmental city living. Of all our facts about Copenhagen, Denmark might be proudest of this one.

Almost 50% of all Copenhageners commutes are taken by bicycle

A City of Hygge

The foundation of Copenhagen’s unique appeal is one prevailing principle. The Danes call it ‘Hygge’, best translated as a combination of cosiness, comfort, friendliness and contentment. Translated to city terms, it means there are an abundance of homely pubs, pedestrian-only streets, cafes in cellars and decadent pastries in cosy bakeries. It makes for a calm, leisurely atmosphere and encourages travellers to explore the city. Heading to Denmark on business? Why not check out our serviced apartments in Copenhagen.

A warmly-lit Nyhavn is the perfect place to grab a drink and soak up the unique Copenhagen atmosphere

The Home of Carlsberg

Founded in 1847, Carlsberg is a worldwide brand and one of the top five largest beer companies in the world. Nowhere is it more popular than in its native city, Copenhagen. Beer connoisseurs travelling to the capital would be remiss not to visit the famous Carlsberg Brewery. Head through the Elephant Gate and check out the Carlsberg Brewhouse. You’ll be treated to a host of interesting facts about Copenhagen’s controversial past, and plenty of beer too.

Situated in the Carlsberg district, The Elephant Tower is one of Copenhagen's most famous landmarks

Astronomically Gastronomic

For business travellers planning on venturing out of their serviced apartments in Copenhagen, the city is brimming with fine dining choices. Given the previous fact about Hygge, it may come as no surprise that Copenhagen boasts more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other city in Scandinavia. For more evening activities, have a read of our blog on what to do in Copenhagen at night.

Fine food and drink plays a huge role in Denmark's famously luxurious culture

You can Swim in the Copenhagen Harbour

Swimming in the harbour is forbidden in most major cities. Not so in Copenhagen, in fact, swimming in Copenhagen Harbour is actively encouraged. It’s a testament to the cleanliness of the city itself that there are numerous harbour baths in which you can take a refreshing dip. The water quality is checked daily by city officials, and they offer stunning views of the city skyline.

Feeling brave? Take a revitalising dive into Copenhagen harbour to start the day off with a bang

Copenhagen Airport runs like Clockwork

In 2019, Copenhagen was voted as having the most efficient airport for the 14th time. For context, the award has only been running for 16 years, meaning it has only ever missed out twice. For business travellers, this is sure be one of the most interesting facts about Copenhagen.

Modern and bright, Copenhagen Airport offers a fitting welcome to the Danish capital

A Majestic Underwater Attraction

Copenhagen plays host to the largest Aquarium in Northern Europe. In true Copenhagen style, Den Bla Planet is a modern architectural masterpiece. Inspired by a whirlpool, the building is split into five huge sections and contains more than seven million litres of water. This stunning attraction is must-visit for any traveller.

Situated near Copenhagen Airport, Den Bla Planet resembles a whirlpool from above

So that concludes our list of the most interesting facts about Copenhagen Denmark. Planning on travelling to the Danish capital? Why not check out our blog on our favourite serviced apartments in Copenhagen for business travel. Give us a call or make an enquiry and we’ll find you the ideal accommodation for your trip to this remarkable city.

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